Aro-En Gourmet Salt offers a wide array of natural, organic, rich in minerals sea salt, made for culinarians and food aficionados to add the right kind of salt for particular recipes. Our salt technologists have intensively studied methods from different parts of the world and have uniquely developed our own farming and salt infusion techniques. It is manufactured for the cook and chef who like to bring out flavor in the food he or she prepares.

By engaging the different stakeholders of the food industry including the academe, we aspire to deepen to the body of knowledge that is taste science. This is our contribution to uplifting everyone's experience by exploring the symphony of taste.

About Us

The name of the province of Pangasinan comes from the word “asin”. Hence, Pang-asin-an literally means "the place where salt is made."

This is where the salt making industry of the Philippines had its humble beginnings and where innovations come from. Pangasinan is home to Salinas Foods, and its saltfarm, Pacific Farms Inc. After several years of research both in the field of culinary arts, and its salt fields in Pangasinan, Salinas now brings you Aro-en Gourmet Salt.
Aro-en comes from the Pangasinan phrase which means “to love”. In sharing our love for deliciously home-cooked meals and expertly prepared gourmet dishes, we at Salinas created Aro-en. And as the people of Pangasinan express their love and warmth through their cooking, they say, “Aro-en taka.” (mamahalin kita)


  • Chef Justin Mechill
    Chef Justin Mechill

    Aro-En gourmet salt can accentuate the flavors of my chosen ingredients very well.

    Chef Anne Atanacio
    Chef Anne Atanacio

    I love what it can do to the taste of chocolate and caramel.

    Chef Sean McSavaney
    Chef Sean McSavaney

    This is the real gourmet salt.

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